Gawad Kalinga is a Filipino phrase that means “to give care”. Gawad Kalinga is recognised as Asia’s leading model for building sustainable communities in highly impoverished areas. Originating in the Philippines, its success can be attributed to a holistic approach to community development, including a program of values formation within affected communities, extensive public-private partnerships and massive volunteerism. Gawad Kalinga (GK) has, since its official launch in 2003 and as of April 2011, reported establishing 2,000 villages in varying stages of development and 60,000 homes constructed or in construction in 362 towns.

GK implements its activities by building relationships and mobilizing the “time, talent, and treasures” of individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, corporations, and the government. The model is partnership-based which means partners may donate land, construction materials, and funds; provide technical services; help obtain documentation and permits; assist in the promotion, information, education, and communication campaigns about GK, or become volunteers.

Partnerships have been forged with at least dozens of governors, 362 mayors, over 400 major corporations, over 150 schools and universities, foreign governments, and tens of thousands of volunteers in the Philippines, the Filipino diaspora, and in other countries.

It has also become a peace and nation building organisation working in both Christian and Muslim areas within the Philippines. GKs community building and poverty alleviation template is also being used in Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

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