The First Farm Village University in Asia

The Enchanted Farm-Village-University in Angat (Bulacan) is the prototype platform from which to spur Social Artistry; the second phase of the Gawad Kalinga Roadmap towards prosperity for all. 24 more Enchanted Farms are to follow in the next few years, distributed all over the Philippines. Four of them are currently in development. The construction of the Enchanted Farm in Angat, located at a one-and-a-half hour ride north of Manila, began in 2010. It is now in its stages of finalization and will be officially launched as platform during the four days of the first Social Business Summit in Asia.

The Farm Village University in Angat is the first of its kind in Asia. This place is a unique ecosystem that provides a convergence platform for government, business, social entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, farmers and community partners to work together in solidarity in creating solutions to global issues that affect all of us: 

  • Climate Change
  • Food Security 
  • Extreme Poverty

The Enchanted Farm is a unique platform for two main reasons:

  1. Probably the most striking characteristic is that it hosts a GK village in the midst of a long-term transformational process from a squatter’s mentality towards becoming a community of dedicated and empowered persons. People with the spirit and the freedom to dream and to pursue their dreams.
  2. The second feature is the unusual combination of three functions in one concept: Farm-Village-University.
  • Farm: productive economic activities with a focus on industries with an agricultural base.
  • Village: the community aspect of economic development, the transformation of values and the healing of social relationships.
  • University: learning and teaching on the Enchanted Farm, especially about social entrepreneurship but also about matters such as climate change and development design, to take two examples. We are in the process of accreditation in order to offer external university courses on social entrepreneurship on the Farm.


On the Farm-Village-University platform for Social Artistry, both private and public actors converge in search for inclusive wealth creation through bottom-up economic innovations.