• Tacloban
  • Philippines

With one million volunteers, twelve provinces and two months of building, the 2014 Bayani Challenge will be the most heroic one yet. Volunteers will go to the most stricken areas  after the terrible disasters that took place in 2013: the Zamboanga conflict, the earthquake in Bohol and the Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

It is scheduled to begin on April 9, the ‘Day of Valour,’ and finish on June 12, Philippine Independence Day – two dates which reflect the resilience of both the Philippines and the Bayani Challenge volunteers.

The Bayani Challenge is a yearly gathering in the Philippines of volunteers who work together to build homes, repair schools, plant trees, host activities with children and much more. Its ultimate aim is to foster relationships between different sectors and groups to build up peaceful and caring communities.

For more updates on the Bayani Challenge 2014, please check http://www.bayanichallenge.com

Please contact your local GK contact for more information on Australian teams joining the challenge.