GK Australia team in Sydney have organised a friendly basketball fundraiser competition to be held on Saturday 28th November.

3on3 Bball Nov28.jpg

The day will be a fun filled day for both teams and spectators - varying skill levels and mixed teams are welcome! Extra activities for spectators too!

Majority of games will be 3 on 3, with the grand final decider of 5 on 5 - so all teams must register 5 people for a team. Cost of registration per team is $100.

Proceeds will go towards supporting the Domestic program work in Dubbo.

Details of the event are as follows:

GK 3-on-3 Basketball Fundraiser Competition

Venue: Emerton Leisure Centre - 35 Jersey Rd, Emerton, NSW 2770

Time: 11:30am-3pm

To REGISTER, please head to http://www.gk3on3.instapage.com with your:

  • Team name
  • Full names and contact numbers of all 5 players

Please also process your registration payment via Internet Banking to:

Account Name: GK Sydney / BSB: 083004 / Account No.: 246758751

Reference/Description: "GK33-TEAM"

eg. If your team name is "Ballers", then the description should be "GK33-BALLERS"

Registrations of all teams are to be FINALISED by Monday 14th December

Rules for games on the day:

  • 10 minute games - common clock on all games
  • Half court games for regular games and semi-finals
  • 1 and 2 point system applies (baskets made inside the 3 point line are 1 point; baskets made behind the 3 point line are 2 points)
  • No time outs. No shot clock
  • Honest system when calling fouls
  • Grand final game is a full court 10 minute game
  • For half court games:
    • 3 players on the court per team. Substitutions allowed
    • Loser's ball. Ball must be cleared past 3 point line for new possession. 
  • For grand final full court game:
    • 5 people on the court per team. No substitutions
    • 1 time out allowed per team
    • Clock may be stopped on fouls or "whistles" in last two minutes of the game.