GK Australia will

  • Continue to support the existing Australian villages in the Philippines and elsewhere.
  • Continue to support and raise awareness of GK's initiatives in the Philippines and elsewhere.
  • Adapt the GK model to support highly marginalised communities in Australia.
  • Focus on our region, particularly East Timor, Papua New Guinea and the South West Pacific

Gawad Kalinga meaning ‘to give care’ is based on the values of giving care to people from all backgrounds, beliefs and places through the relationships that are built through volunteers working with impoverished beneficiary communities. 

GK Australia will continue to support the existing Australian villages, and other communities both in the Philippines and in other countries as well. They will be supported through the GK programs in their communities.

The established villages throughout the Philippines can also be a training ground for Australians wanting to take part in the work, both here and abroad. To experience the work of the established GK villages throughout the Philippines is the best way to learn how the GK model works, and identify the strengths that can be translated to the Australian context.

There will also be opportunities to support GK in the Philippines through institutions performing research or taking part in internships.

Gawad Kalinga Australia’s aim is also to foster Gawad Kalinga’s model of community development in Australia and the region. There is nothing in the model which is new or unique. For those who have been engaged with marginalised communities, it strikes as common sense. Yet, in this country at least, it has never been applied in a consistent, concerted or holistic way.

In other contexts the model can enable people to rise out of poverty and despair. It also ensures that external resources being offered to support a community’s development are used in the most effective and sustainable manner possible.