Immersion Trips

Since 2003, Australia have been continuing to send groups over to the Philippines to visit, volunteer and help build in GK communities. Every immersion trip is a unique and memorable experience for everyone - not only for the families of the communities, but also each and every volunteer.

Great Adventure Tour

The Great Adventure Tour is a 2-week trip where a volunteer group can experience and learn about the GK program first-hand. The participants will get to learn and experience the culture and beauty of the Philippines, stay in a GK community with the families, help to build part of the community and learn more about the other parts of the GK program such as Education or Livelihood.

Bayani Challenge

The Bayani Challenge is an annual 5-day build challenge, where teams from across the Philippines and around the world help to build new communities. Traditionally during April, people organise their teams and travel to the build areas and help raise new homes and bring hope to the local area. 

Other Immersion Trips

Taste Tours

A Taste Tour is a short 5-day tour where participants can visit a few GK sites across the duration and learn about the GK program and get to see first-hand how the families benefit from the support of GK.