The Youth Great Adventure Tour (YGAT) is scheduled for 18-29 May! For those who have joined before, you would know that the YGAT is an unbeatable experience that lets you help eradicate poverty from the ground up. For those who are unfamiliar with what YGAT is, here's some information for you:

About YGAT

The annual YGAT immerses volunteers into the world of those assisted by GK. Depending on the village, the 2 week trip will enable volunteers to: * Experience the unique culture of the local area as they share a villager's home, domestic and work duties, and community responsibilities * Connect with their local host families and community members and share each others' lives * Dig and establish the foundations of a community centre, house, school, or septic tank * Farm and till the land or plant fruits and vegetables

This year:

Location: The GKA YGAT team will be travelling to Davao on the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Aim: In December 2012, typhoon Pablo (or Bopha) caused over $900M of damage, left more than 1,000 casualties, and thousands more homeless. As residents try to piece their lives back together, GKA will take on the role of providing support and assistance. Volunteers will participate in livelihood and restoration programs such as farming, tilling, child and youth development, and where possible, helping to build new homes. Cost: TBA - approx. $2,000-$2,500 Preparation: To prepare for the immersion, participants will attend The Brother's Keeper sessions. Two of these structured workshops will be held prior to the trip, and two more whilst there. The discussions will give volunteers the necessary tools they need to get the most of of the trip, as well as the tools to give and serve the community they are helping. It will also enable volunteers to discuss any ideas or concerns with like-minded people and experienced GKA volunteers.

For more info, please email: or contact: Jessper Perez 0422 216 130 Ed Davilla 0410 644 456 Pia Salenga 0402 785 840
To register, please click on this link. Please return completed registration forms to by 23 March 2013.