GKA Times is the quarterly newsletter that keeps you up to date with current GKA events. Please see below for the latest issue. Happy reading!

GKA Times: January, February, March 2013

(plus upcoming events in April) Letter from Andrew Chalk, the Chair of GKA

Calling all nation builders!

Inaugural GKA 'Under the Bonnet' Study Tour

Post GKA Study Tour Meeting

Teambuilding Sessions with the GK YGAT Leaders (and upcoming Brother's Keeper Sessions)

GKA National Committees Meeting

Media Engagements

Sydney GKA Informal Catch-up

Hike in the Blue Mountains!

Events for March and April

Thank you to Christine Bisch, Eleanor Carbonell, James Palomo, Catherine Guiloreza Palomo, Elaine Laforteza, Irene Mayo and GK HQ for the pictures used in this newsletter.