Chris Graham, a participant of the GKA Study Tour has written an article about his experiences and observations on the Study Tour. They have been published in Tracker (, his blog Chris Graham At Large,( and on the GK1World website: Dr. Elaine Laforteza also wrote an article about her experiences on the GKA Study Tour on the GK1World website: A different version of this article will also be published in The Philippine Community Herald newspaper.

Elaine has also been included in a book entitled Career Life Choices, According to Eva Turner (editor), the book is for elementary and secondary students who need guidance about their life after graduation. In Elaine's section, she writes about her experiences as a GK volunteer and pays tribute to the journey GK enabled her to take. To purchase the book, please click on

Elaine also helped set up a meeting between Filipino-American travel magazine, Balikbayan ( and GK HQ to feature the Bayani Challenge.